Tom Cridland

Special guest

Tom Cridland is the world's number 1 sustainable fashion brand, with customers on every continent, offering durable, luxury clothing at an accessible price point.

Tom has been designing clothing since the age of 18, when he sold nearly £3,000 worth of "SWINE 09" t-shirts in a single week of school and donated all the profits to Médecins Sans Frontières.

In January 2014, aged 23, he founded Tom Cridland, specializing solely in creating the perfect pair of trousers. He quickly built a vertical luxury menswear brand that specializes in what CNBC describe as "quality over quantity retail". Tom believes that retail markups are inefficient and unfair on the customer, who ends up paying higher prices for no reason.

Tom founded his eponymous menswear brand upon the simple principle of making truly luxurious clothing and selling it direct to customer online and, as THE GUARDIAN said, "high-spec material and production seem to be his thing".

2016 began with the opening of the first ever Tom Cridland bricks and mortar shop, a pop-up located on the iconic King's Road in London throughout January and February. BBC NEWS were present on its first day to record an in depth interview with Tom about his 30 Year Collection.

The 30 Year Jacket was released at the end of February and featured in both FORBES and THE GUARDIAN, with the latter citing that the Tom Cridland brand is "...appealing to a new consumer". THE TELEGRAPH cited The 30 Year Jacket as evidence that "menswear can lead the race for sustainable fashion", whilst praising Tom Cridland's attempts at creating timeless clothing as "faultless".

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