Rob Frantz

Special guest

Former Naval Officer Rob Frantz is the president of Kinetic Ceramics, a company that was founded in the 1960s. Frantz purchased the company in early 2016 and now owns and operates his own piezoelectric actuator manufacturing business. Frantz grew up wanting to become an astronaut. Unlike most kids, he came close. During his 11 and a half years in the Navy, Frantz qualified as an alternate for the astronaut program. Then he learned the program might be shutting down.

A job in global procurement for GlaxoSmithKline brought Frantz to Philadelphia. He spent his nights and weekends developing software that allowed people working in global procurement to connect and keep track of their projects. When the software didn't take off, Frantz found Kinetic Ceramics. The California-based operation creates lightweight, compact machines that provide incredibly rapid, precise power -- perfect for clients like General Motors, Samsung and the National Institutes of Health.

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