E.M. Ricchini

Special guest

E.M. is a Philly-based writer, photographer, reporter, and blogger. After trying to start a career in a few different cities, she came back to her hometown of Philadelphia to work as a journalist. She started on WTXF-TV’s assignment desk as an intern before getting hired as a production assistant, then eventually becoming a writer. Born in the pay-phone-era but raised in a time when iPhones and Apple Watches are plentiful, tech and social media are a second language to her. Having used these tools to build her own brand, she’ll be bringing all of that trial-and-error experience to GoBabl.

She’s GoBabl's local consultant of “cool.” Her experience with broadcasting, PR, and writing helps the company shape their presence online and in the local community. In addition, E.M. manages events and coordination with press.

E.M. Ricchini has been a guest on 1 episode.